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Where are you getting your coldplay music??


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I only have about 100 coldplay songs and videos and such, and I hear about people having 400 ish of them! I have the CDs, whatever I can get off itunes, and stuff off limewire (yes, I know it's evil but it's a last resort). How is everyone getting all this other music?? I need more coldplay in my life!! help!:huh2::wacky:

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I buy the CD´s and from iTunes.

I hate downloading Coldplays music from the internet :shame:

It´s like I am stealing from them or something :sick:

But sometimes, you have to. Because stupid iTunes don´t have all the Coldplay singles and stuff :rolleyes:

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I only have 92 Coldplay songs, I have all the cd's and the studio b-sides.

I don't like collecting Live versions of the same songs over and over.

The unreleased songs are good, but I only like to have official releases on my iTunes, I'm a little bit of a perfectionist! :P

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