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The Classic Disney Films Thread.

Jiminy Cricket

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I love Bambi, 101 Dalmations, Aristocats, and Lady and The Tramp.


but the best is Fox & the Hound I cry everytime :cry:


Beauty and the Beast scares me.


Great thread I hate how now it is just computer animation some of the disney classics are way better!

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Mulan is the best! I also loved Pocahontas and Peter Pan a lot as a kid, and The Little Mermaid and The Beauty And The Beast of course. Even though the two latter were a bit too scary for me at times, haha.


I haven't watched any of them in ages though, as our VCR broke down and I only have them on video. Typical!

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I used to love Disney films as a little girl and probably had almost every film on video. I remember watching them over and over again... They really fascinated me. :D My favourites were Aristocats, Lion King and of course The Little Mermaid. :)

A few weeks ago I searched for the videos, but I could only found about half of them - I really don't know where the others went... :confused: I hope they didn't get lost because most of my favourites are missing... :stunned::\

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I love the old disney :lol: :lol:, the lion king is my favorite but i love tarzan, brother bear, Mulan, beauty and the beast, snow white, robin hood, the emperor's new groove...♥♥

i hate all the sequels like Tarzan 2 or brother bear 2... :angry::cry: :cry:, disney lost it, it used to be magic now it's all Jonas Brothers, Pixar... nonsense:(

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I love Disney films. I could watch over and over again.


My favs are:

The Rescuers

The Rescuers Down Under

Beauty and the Beast - My all-time fav movie

The Lion King


The Little Mermaid


The Fox and the Hound - this movie is more heart wrenching than Bambi.




The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Disney's first movie that was geared for the older population. Plus, it had some awesome music.

Lady and the Tramp

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