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like totally now like superspectacularlike it is Ari's b-day!

Best u Can

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:wacky: WoOoOOOo! Ari/Bea turns 21 Today! (in Spain) technically! or -1.3 hours from now! or in 3.6 hours from now EST!


this is getting technical



well not really, she is just a little older I think.. but



let's get wasted!!!


funny-picture-1240828643.jpg :drunk:


this is like 1 of 2 birthdays that I ever remembered on coldplaying :lol:

no need to hide it, i turn 23 today (finally 23 on the 23rd :wacky: )

thanks for the beer man. :drunk:




It was great to meet you on Friday!


Hope you have a wonderful day!:D

it was good to meet you too, and a lot coldplayers last week :D


thanks a lot Eric, Lore, Ricardo, Aaron, Stephan, Julie, Bear (sorry i don't know/remember your name now :embarassed: ), Paul, Ivet, Flickhidalgo (btw what's your name? :embarassed: ), Mark, Rick, i'maveryneatMonster.', ImLovingGuyBerryman (name? :embarassed: ), Milica, Felicia.

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