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Chris Martin's siblings


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Guest Grace
Yea I know, niether do I, I wanted to reply like "i dont believe you" but i didnt want to annoy a Buckland.



imagine ... you were talking to a person who grew up with our guitar hero :D

(in case it actually is his brother ;) )

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Guest LiquidSky
Chris is the eldest child of five children in total - he's got two sisters and two brothers. Here's a pic of two of them taking a walk with Apple:




Jonny has an elder brother.


Guy has one brother whose name is Mark.


Will is an only child (as far as I know).


Will has a brother that lives in Australia. He mentioned it somewhere in a interview saying that his brother had moved there...


I think Chris's brother might be the same one as the one on the other picture. Are you sure he has two sisters?

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Guest Grace
yeah..there was a pic of his suspossed older sister' date=' she's a nurse, cute and blond.[/quote']

mhhh ... is it possible for you to find that pic and post it?

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Guest LiquidSky
here it is, it has Nettie's credits




Hmmmm how old could she be? This lady looks like in her 30s.. but she is very tall..

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