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Chris Martin's siblings


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Chris is the eldest child of five children in total - he's got two sisters and two brothers. Here's a pic of two of them taking a walk with Apple:




Jonny has an elder brother.


Guy has one brother whose name is Mark.


Will is an only child (as far as I know).

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No problem! You can download some of their tracks on the site.


This is a picture of Chris's other brother called Al (it is one that is from Jonnyhasnicehats' photos in another thread - thank you JHNH!). He plays in a band too -called Milk Teeth. Sorry about the massive size...



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could this relate?


"The name COLDPLAY was nicked off their friend Tim before he could use it for his band. He'd originally taken it from a book of poetry. In fact, they used to be a boy band called "Pectoralz," and played their first gig under the guise of "Starfish" at Camden Laurel Tree"



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