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Chris Martin's siblings


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I once read that Chris has like four younger siblings or something. I could be wrong though. Regardless, he grew up in a big family. Does anyone know what they think of Chris' fame and if he keeps/visits them regularly? Or has fame gone to his head?

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I think we might have a case with this hamster thing' date=' lets take it to court. We'll get the FBI on finding the father. Does anyone know the Mother Hamster personally?[/quote']


a month ago i actually met a woman who`s sister`s husband`s brother`s daughter`s friend`s friend knows one of the hamster-mom`s hamster-kid. the woman`s name was gwendolyn and she told me about the case but i never asked her to give me the hamster`s phone number. :(

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There are four kids in the family. Richard is 16, nearly 17,and dad is indeed called Anthony. Little sis (who's 12, I think), does do acting quite a lot and is often in plays. Rich doesn't really think CP's music sucks, and the whole family is very close and they are all very supportive of each other. After all, look at how lovely Chris is, how genuine - you can see he comes from a nice family. :)

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