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The emergence of Roadies 42 to signal they're back in the studio! Sounds like a lot if planned with all the white board business and chris writing on the walls. I am sure in no time any of you Londoners will be out searching for it.


Phil says its skanky eh? Ha! Perhaps until the dust settles...


Anyone want to discuss why they picked beehive and perhaps its significance? I am sure we can guess the obvious bee-like production and work that will be going on, but perhaps we can pull out a more in depth reading..


and keep this blog going throughout the progress! Messages and updates galore! :D

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I'm not sure an indoor shot of a staircase is very helpful to people scouting its location. Remember - according to Phil - it's the "skanky looking one". Which could be anything. :laugh3:


I think you're right on the money about the name. Unlike The Bakery, it's not named after it's original building, but rather after the productivity that hopes to occur there.

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They just named it Beehive to finally start crediting Ian for all his hard work he's done over the past years with the site & the forum ;)


They (that is Coldplay) should definitely invite him over for a tour around.


And in case they don't want him to remember anything (where it is) they could pick him up somewhere in London, blindfold his eyes or put an old potatoe sack over his head and then drive to this place ;)


Okay ... I've probably seen to many criminal films :D

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Whoever names these places must be such a sweet tooth I mean from Bakery, to Beehive :rolleyes:


Like the name, though. And good to know that they finally getting the studio all set up and stuff :)


And it surely won't be long before the first wave of Coldplayers are making a beeline for it!!:rolleyes:

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