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Are you happy that you like coldplay?


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this may be a stupid question since we are on a coldplay fan forum:P. but are you happy that you started liking coldplay? do you ever feel like you regret getting so into them?


chris put it best "thanks for taking all the shit for being a coldplay fan"


i know i have put up with a lot of shit for being a coldplay fan. but i don't regret anything at all. the only regret would be not getting into them years and years back.

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I guess I kinda loved them too much...then I got into Radiohead and other stuff and zoned Coldplay out of it.

You try listening to Coldplay after being obsessed with this kind of stuff for months :dizzy:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tnsfzlxs-KY]YouTube- Radiohead - Idioteque (official version)[/ame]

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I'm so happy that I love Coldplay :wacky:

I wasn't really interested in music until I heard of Coldplay actually :wreck:

And now because of Coldplay I've heard of many other artists, like The Verve, Richard Ashcroft & Jon Hopkins! :smug: :dance: :dance: And now music has basically taken over my life :dozey:

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i'm very happy, because without Coldplay my life would be very different, and i wouldn't "know" any of you lovely people. :heart:

also, i've never really had to take any crap for being a Coldplay fan. or, at least, it doesn't bother me so i don't really notice it. :P


Yeah! I love all Coldplay fans.

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