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I offically cannot dislike, hate, or ever have a bad feeling towards Coldplay


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11:03PM. I can't sleep. I don't want to sleep! I can't find a music track to calm me. My last try is to stick on Life In Technicolor. I do exactly that. Suddenly the excitement for Coldplay fills me again, this song is OVERWHELMING gooooooood!!!!:shocked2: Just when I think I'm over listening to Coldplay, when I think I'm sick of them I stick on a track I haven't heard in ages and they're the best thing ever all over again. Okay this post is random, I know, but there is no band on earth that comes close to Coldplay (Yes, I know I've kidded myself into thinking that) but these guys are awesome. I think they'll continue to stay where they are, #1 on the top of my favourite bands list. :D


I think I can now sleep. :)

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Aw :) Yea it reminds me of how my friends and family are always saying that Coldplay's music is depressing, but when I listen to it I can't help but feel extreme happiness :nice:


Same here! My mom was telling me how she didn't like Coldplay because their music was so depressing. I responded with "Their music might be a bit on the depressing side, but listening to them makes me really happy!" :lol:

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:heart: LiT gets me so excited and I start thinking about concerts!


Heehee me too! When we have show choir competitions, just before we are about to go on I play LiT in my head and pretend to light a sparkler

it just makes me so happy!

I pretty sure people think I'm crazy because they don't know what I'm doing

Coldplay is the best! :laugh3:

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