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The Scientist - spike in iTunes popularity?


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Maybe I'm a bit weird, but I usually check out how my favorite bands are doing on iTunes every now and then in terms of whats selling the most and other such things. To my utter surprise, I went on iTunes just now and saw that The Scientist was topping the charts of Coldplay's songs - by a significant margin.


Now if there is anyone out there like me, you'll know that this song usually finds itself in the 4-7 slots in terms of popularity. Maybe more like 3-6. Regardless, I have never seen it topping the charts. For one, Clocks is always in a better position than it.


I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on why this spike has occurred? Was it played on TV recently? Or something like that?


I don't know, I just found it very interesting and wondered what people thought.


It's also pretty much my favorite Coldplay song, so that added to some of the appeal of making a post about it.

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It's a bit worrying that it takes a cover - and American Idol as well :o - of it to get a burst in popularity, but I suppose if it helps people hear it... The Scientist has special meaning to me as it was the first Coldplay song I ever heard and it made me fall in love with them, so to see it become popular again makes me happy :D as does listening to The Scientist 50 times on my iPod on loop :laugh3:

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Anybody who listened to the American Idol cover should be quarantined unless they listen to the original version to help undo any damage (and hear a great song in the process).


Um... but they ARE listening to the original version obviously by the spike of iTunes popularity...


Geez... sometimes....

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