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Coldplay's Chris Martian (The Sun with a tiny bit more on the intergalactic recording sessions)


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COLDPLAY are going cosmic during their latest album recording sessions. Frontman CHRIS MARTIN stunned his crew this week by asking them to build him a model solar system in the band's new studio.


I wonder if he's been enjoying TV starman DOCTOR BRIAN COX's recent series as much as I have? A source said: "Chris likes to create a certain mood when he's in full creative flow. He had a real interest in 18th Century revolutionary politics when he was piecing together Viva La Vida. Now he's really got into the universe. The crew scratched their heads a little when he first came up with the request but they're cracking away now."


Sounds intergalactic.



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I was also thinking about the whole space-y theme going on in X & Y... You don't think we're going to have an X & Y Pt.2 with LP5, do you? Because, much as I loved it, I think they've definitely moved on - considering how epic Viva was, I think they could make LP5 10 times better (and different) than anything they've done before...


On the other hand, intergalactic theme sounds awesome :laugh3: And I suppose 18th century Revolutionary politics sounds like a weird theme for an album but look how incredible VLVODAAHF turned out to be :D Oh well, I'm sure that whatever they do it will be fantastic :D

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Gets interesting and interesting... I'm sure it's gonna be big and once again stunning!


But I think it's gonna be a different concept than "spacey" as we know X&Y was, as universe I think it's gonna be somehoe bigger and sot just somehow "space-related"... hard to explain what I mean!


But however, Chris' a genious and I can't wait for Christmas (or simply Fall!!!!) to come!

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I'm glad so many other people feel like this whole "solar system" thing is unexpected when all we've heard are phrases like "stripped down." It just seems reminiscent of X & Y and I'm a bit freaked out by it.


I totally trust them, because if I had known about their theme for VLVODAAHF, I would've been freaked out too - but look at how amazing that turned out to be. But, just like someone else said, I definitely do not want this to be a continuation of X & Y.


I mean, for all we know, he could've asked the crew to build this for Apple's school project or something, right? haha

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^ That's called EXTREME QUADRUPLE HELICOPTER PARENTING! :wacky: :freak::freak::freak:


And X&Y was the techno album.


As a teacher, I wouldn't put it past extreme quadruple helicopter parents. lol Can you imagine if that's what is really going on??? :laugh3:

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I'm really not too worried that this could be X & Y part 2 (to me....that would be very worrying), because all the stuff the band has said thus far.


A solar system theme or a universe theme or a space theme doesn't have to mean big. Maybe it could be drawn back to how small we all are in comparison to this. I mean...I'm not sure how something like this would work. But I'm praying this is, in no way, another X & Y.

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