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i got photoshop recently, for a work we need to do, to improve some old pictures of the family, but i hardly used it yet.

not much more i do know about it, or the programmes said.


my dad got another software that is for Linux, but i don't remember the name now, he said it have more and better features and options than the photoshop does.

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i do! but i love web design more & whatever graphics i do tend to be for that purpose...


big fan of Photoshop, but in my Web Tech unit in my uni course this semester i was forced to use GIMP as the lecturer wanted us PS-lovers to at least try out GIMP and then decide for ourselves which is better & also cos he figured it'd level the playing ground a bit more as not many ppl use GIMP compared to Photoshop.


tho he did admit that Photoshop is the industry standard & ppl who are used to Photoshop are not likely to like using GIMP & vice versa.


@Darlene_Ihnfsa it's probably GIMP. or Inkscape. i don't really know of any other Linux-specific graphics editing software.

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was at the CS5 roadshow in Bristol today & i must say that the new Photoshop has some really nifty new features added in...tho i'm comparing it to the CS3 version i'm using now. but that Context Aware + the Puppet Warp stuff is coolness! (provided i have the RAM to spare...took a few seconds to process on the speakers' Macbook Pros as it is each time they used these features & turning stuff into 3D form) :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

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