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Petition for the release of a viva la vida tour dvd


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June 23, 2010 - submitted by Rouz, France


Q. Hello dear Oracle, what do you think about this?

Have a nice day.


The Oracle replies:


Awww that's very sweet of fans to care so much about a DVD but there are no plans to release one and in this case a petition can't change that decision... whether 714 signatures on it or 71400!

That's very touching to see though and I'm sure it's not the only one in existence.

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Thats weird, VLV was very successfull.

Should have had one.


Wait, what was the reason for having Live 2003 for AROBTTH?

I don´t know what was the success of each one actually.

I know Parachutes was the one that made a jump start, so must have been pretty successfull.

AROBTTH had the biggest hit ever by them which is Clocks, and The Scientist.

So I guess it was very sucessfull.


And a dvd for X and Y would have been too soon, plus I heard critics didn´t like it.

Even though its my favorite album.


Anyways, I´m getting out of topic, point is VLV deserves a DVD.

Unless the reason for a DVD isn´t of how successfull it is, but just because they feel like it.




No computer makes me wonder about random Coldplay trivia, I´m bored out of my mind lolz.

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