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The Eno Effect

christopher Martin

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I don't really like that Eno appears on those musical sites as a co-writer of the new songs.

As far as I know, he's more into ambient and electronic staff, which is absolutely opposite to what Coldplay is - a live band.

I perfectly understand that the boys want to grow as musicians and do new staff, try new genres, but the truth is - when Chris sits down the piano and sings in his own voice with boys playing their guitars at the back - it's just simply beautiful. And they don't need Eno to do this.

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If you're telling me that Eno playing a synthesizer on Low is being involved with X & Y, I'm going to complain about the guy who brought them water when they recorded A Whisper, because he really contributed to that song...:rolleyes:


I realize Eno is heavily involved in their recording process. I happen to like the direction the band took with him.


But will people PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop acting like Coldplay are just little babies in Eno's evil plan...


These are grown men we're talking about. Extremely capable musicians. Capable enough most of the people on these threads worship the ground they walk on. They are happy with the music they are making. Eno is just an addition to their team. Of course you don't have to like that addition. You can complain about it all you like. But realize Coldplay wouldn't still be making AROBTTH 10 years after it came out, even if Eno wasn't here.

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It's not as different in terms of like cultural influences surely. But i think it is new in a different sort of way. And I don't think that's necessarily bad. I could see where people would say it's more pop-influenced. But there's no hip hop or rap or even collaborations. It's still the same four amazing talented musicians together. And I think the lyrics are some of the best they're ever written on certain songs; Hurts Like Heaven and Us Against the World are what I'm referring to. All of the new ones are at least decent lyrically. Minus ETIAW that is. :dozey:


What's your sig from by the way? Never heard it but sounds really interesting. No Lie. :thinking:


I have pretty much the same opinion by which songs are better and etc, and I don't mean that they've gone WAY DOWN like total poop in the toilet but.. I don't know I'm just very fond of their last album and I think I just need a little warming up to the new one. I only do this with Coldplay though.


The lyrics? It's from a song called Our Hell by Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton. Or do you mean the link at the right? It's just a generator thing.


^I love the chewed-up gum analogy! :) but I have to disagree. I think... yeah ETIAW is pretty main-stream stuff with not enough lyrical value, but I really can't say that about the other ones I've heard! Hurts Like Heaven and Princess of China are SUPREME!! Charlie Brown and Major Minus are great... but they're not the best. Us Against The World is a bit mawkish for even Coldplay. I will be surprised if it makes it on the album. But seriously, we've just hit the tip of the iceberg! You can't seriously base an album off 6 six songs (one of which will probably not make it on the album, and another that might barely make it on)!


1) They might not have played their best song yet. There's a chance they're saving the best ones for the album's release.

2) You haven't heard the studio versions yet.

and 3) you haven't heard the album in it's full glory.


I'm pretty sure they've been experimenting. Have you heard Moving To Mars yet? That's an incredible piece full of variety! It starts as a soft and intimate piano intro and transforms into a loud space symphony with a 'Houston, we have a problem' voice effect! It's gonna be great. Just see.


Haha, I love analogies.

In the end I do understand that my opinion is way too quick and I hope it isn't the same around October.

It's just that, making Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (I hate that the title is so long, and cheesy so it isn't worth it) their single is like "BOOM THIS IS THE WHOLE THEME ALL THIS ALL THE TIME LP5 FOR THE ERA"


And I'm like.. wait no.

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