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Countdown to Jonny's Birthday


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I saw Jonny on Friday in Hampstead, only moved here on Wednesday, being so lucky all over again!!! :D


I'm gonna drop a little birthday gift/card over to his house on his birthday, if anyone else would like to do the same, or wants me to drop one in for him, do let me know asap, still a little bit of time left ofc ;)

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Yeah I do know where he lives, wish I'd arranged this earlier cause I'd have gotten something signed, like for the board or something. But I only met his dad on Friday and chatted to him right at Jonnys, turns out they are staying until his birthday abs had lots of luggage they were unloading from the car.


Seriously, I need ideas if what to give him, anyone who has a great idea that I use, I'll do my best to get you an autograph! ;)

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