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30 somethings?


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I am 32 :confused: Am I too old to be here? Am I the only one who's not a teenager anymore?


Thirty somethings, were are you?


I'm 30 - soon to be 31. :wreck:

I know how you feel, sometimes it seems like most of the people actively posting on here are teenagers, or at least students. Not that there's anything wrong with that though!

I actually made The Parent Thread with the intention of meeting older people I might have a little more in common with - but that kinda died .......

Well I feel about 64 at the moment... need a Saturday afternoon nap :p

Nanna naps are awesome! :awesome:

I'm not even 20 and I need a Saturday afternoon nap. :P

Aren't you 14?

Shouldn't you still be asleep in the afternoon? :P

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Yeah. :P

I had to get up early to go to the bank to pay may dad for my clarinet. . . never thought withdrawing so much money would hurt. :bigcry:

Hahaha. I remember those days.

Yeah, paying for stuff sucks. :\

Ewww, old people!




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Geez:thinking: Most all of you so far, could be my kids:lol: That's it, I'm adopting you all:P




I´m so happy I´ve found this board.

After having two kids, I got already sick of talking only about nappies (not Nappies :laugh3:), kids food and things like that. Even if my friends (and husband) tolerate my interest in CP, they have their limits...


And a majority of people I get to meet every day, I got to know through my kids, from the playground and kindergarten, which makes me feel quite old sometimes.


But when I freak out about the new single/album/photos/concert, I feel like a teenager again, which is really a nice feeling! :D

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