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Coldplay Top of the Pops updates


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Coldplay to play Christmas Top of the Pops - get free tickets

December 1, 2010 6:06 pm

Band to perform Christmas Lights on festive special




Good evening. The legendary British music TV show Top of the Pops is returning to BBC One this Christmas, with a special one-off show for the festive season. And we're pleased to report that Coldplay will be giving a unique, one-off performance of Christmas Lights.


What's more, we have tickets to the show to give away to Coldplay.com readers, via the BBC's website. Click here if you'd like to apply for tickets for the recording, which will take place at BBC Television Centre in London on the afternoon of December 8th.


NB: These tickets will be given out by the BBC on a first-come, first-served basis. So you'd best be quick...





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I applied for this and it would make me so happy if I could get the tickets. I think I actually applied close to when they posted the info without even knowing! OMG I DID! 6 minutes after Coldplay.com posted it!


We don't find out until we get them in the mail though...urgh. A fan can hope :wideeyed:

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I got tickets too :stunned:.


Wow, I really thought I wouldn't because I applied like 20 minutes in and live outside of London.


I guess I messed up and only said I wanted one, because they only gave me one. Sorry I can't invite anyone else :\


So I guess I'm buying train tickets today...Jesus Lord, Coldplay is ruining my academic career :lol:.


Either I'm never going to have Coldplay Karma again after this month or I'm going to die in some horrific accident in the next few weeks and the universe is trying to soften me up so I'm at least uber-happy when it comes :P

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To be honest, it's just an hour long of watching Coldplay perform one song on a stage :P.


That's not to say I'm not happy I can go and excited to see them again, but I don't think this is the sort of thing that would draw people from all over the country. I almost didn't even apply simply because the time commitment to getting to and from London is four times as long as the actual reason I'm going :lol:.


I wonder if there's a chance of catching them afterwards, though...:thinking:. Then maybe I can have a proper meeting with Chris :P. But I don't want to seem like a stalker because I met them only last week! :lol:.

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another good reason to live in that beautiful city!


Good luck to those who applied! ;)


london is coldplay central!


i love it


not sure if the free tickets are TOTP's or coldplays doing but i love how they treat their fans,

the boat ride, hand written notes, free tickets its so personal with coldplay

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