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So, I made a comment about fanvids and then I realized how much I dislike those .__.

Plaguing Youtube when you're just trying to find a clip of some show you like, or those that appear even when you're just looking for a music video.


Like... for instance:


"Erm, I remember this roflz scene in... (for example) Twilight! :D wanna look for it" and you come across 100,000 vids of "Bella & Edward", "Chris Martin & Jonny", "My cat and the dog, a love story".


Do you like those =D?

I don't T___T

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is about coldplay fanvids or fanvids in general?

some are creative and for a tv show is a fine way to find a resume of the main plots of the season, thought can be pissing if one expect the convos audio but it just have the scenes with music in.


music vids can be worst since one expect the official vid but then appears bla bla song with this or that bla bla movie or serie. :|


another matter is the vid's comments.

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It depends on the type of vid, for example if you're trying to find one of your favourite character from a film or TV shows best moments and they put them all together that's great, but if it's just pics of them with some song playing(which most are) that pisses me off.



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99% of the fanvids are too cheesy for words and it annoys me when there's music playing over my favourite scenes. :blank:


is so annoying when one decide to check fanvids of a tv serie season and all that can find is that. thought is not surprising, normally fanvids have the relationship of main characters which mostly ends in a loving one, so predictable :dozey:

the other only option is to watch the full season episodes in stream or something :disappointed:

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