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Coachella 2011

ViVA Child

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whooooooot!? justin is in? i thought of him when i heard those electric voices.. but well, i didnt know that either^^ thank you!


*downloading 'relayted'* :)



edit: this is totally making my day!!! my band of the day: GAYNGS :dance: the only thing missing is some weed :wacky:


Yeah, he was the guy with the sunglasses and white shirt. Yeah, it's a great album :D



i got held up at work so i only caught The Black Keys who were pretty great. looking forward to watching a lot more action tomorrow :)


I slept 1 hour :dead: Timed it so I'd sleep through Kings Of Leon

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Hey guys, thought I'd pop in from the hotel early in the morning. First day was great! Interpol and especially the Black Keys were the highlights so far, though I also got to see some good sets from Tame Impala and others, including Crystal Castles' blinding strobe show. We unfortunately skipped Robyn because we both wanted to rest for today's insane lineup as well as beat douchey KoL traffic.


See ya guys! :)

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Yes! :awesome: I love them. I sat up all night waiting for them. 2am-10. WarPaint were probably the best, though.


oh yeah and even 'solid gold' is involved in the GAYNGS !!! this is simply amazing!

all artists that i love combined together. okay at least a few of my favourite one's :)





btw have fun at the festival whoever is going there!.. we'll be watchin you :D

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