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Coachella 2011

ViVA Child

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yeah the first 20mins of the TDCC set wasn't perfect for me either kept on stopping but the rest was very enjoyable. i'm not a fan or anything but their music is very easy on the ears and they're a lot of fun live.


not big on Cage the elephant so i might just do something else for 45mins then come back in time for Foals.

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I was able to catch Interpol's full set on YouTube this morning... I liked it! I will admit that just as I was getting accustomed to Dave Pajo... this new temp bassist, I need time!!


Over all I hear the light effects at this year's festival is epic!! Anyone seen any footage? I read it was all done by Creators Project....



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ok my plan for the day






The Kills



Empire of the Sun



will probably watch Interpol over M&S because i haven't seen much of them live since their 4th album came out. and heres to hoping that what happened with AF happens with Kanye tomorrow and he is added to the webcast. not that tomorrows youtube lineup isn't amazing enough already

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Holy shit that stage dive was EPIC!! I love Yannis :wacky:

Wish he'd done that at Splendour/Laneway :p

I would allow myself to be crushed by him haha


AF watching party? :wacky:


If my study friends are gone by then, YES

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really excited about the Interpol encore! just had a sneak peak had the setlist and they seem to be doing a great spread of all 4 albums in their limited time. i think it is an absolute insult that they were put before the black keys on the main stage. i know the black keys last album was brilliant and interpols wasnt really (i liked it) but interpol have an incredibly well respected and admired back catalogue that the black keys could never match. if it was up to me they would be after kings of leon as well lol.

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