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Golden retriever 'babysits other dogs'


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A golden retriever has been photographed "babysitting" three other dogs outside a store in Hong Kong.


The dog held onto the leads of the three other canines while its owner was shopping, Rex Features reports.


A passer-by said: "I was walking to work when I saw a golden retriever biting the chains of three smaller dogs, seemingly babysitting for its owner. It's so funny. He's obviously a very responsible doggy."




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That's just the cutest thing I've seen in a while! :blush: :heart: :wacky:


How do you tell the difference between Retrivers and Labradors?.

If I ever got a dog I would get a Boxer.


The golden retriver has 'longer' fur and his fur is softer :)


This, and also generally retrievers are bigger. Although not true with the breed of retriever I have it's nearly identical to a chocolate lab except with wavy fur and a longer snout. :nice: (She's a Chesapeake Bay retriever :wacky:)

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