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Friday Coldplay Album?


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In 2008, Chris Martin hinted at the dissolution of the band, he said he was not sure he wants to continue in music over the age of 33. He said that by the end of 2009 they'll that's new studio album ... Namely decay. :\

Well ... Now Chris Martin had 33 and this year is not 2009 is the 2011 album supposed to come out this year I'm not sure but there is a situation Shkeoldpali fall apart it would be very sad are my favorite band and I follow everything they do if someone can be this crazy ... I am, but you think it would be an album Friday? Really? Maybe?

Nice discussion :)

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sneaking an album release in just before Radiohead :curtain:



but to honestly answer this guys question, no i doubt this is theyre last album. Never (seriously NEVER) take anything Chris says to be true because hes always sarcastic when it comes to these things.

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