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Are there any musicians on this forum??


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I smiled when I saw the amount of threads on the love of jonny and chris wishing they weren't married so I'm quite sure that this is a predominantly woman/girl based forum dedicated to fantasies of the musicians...


Are there any on here that would say you wished it was you?? Well you being chased by the many ladies on here..


I'm looking for like minded musicians that appreciate the music for its creativity??Any, Muso's stand up..Want to talk on the credibilty of the hit making ability and maybe share something you've created.


I think there are more musicians out there that have been influenced by coldplay than we have been lead to be believe.


Hope to hear from you soon..:cool:

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Any Muso’s out there


Would love to hear what you have or what you play, what studio you got set up at home..How your art is stopping you from working etc.etc. Can't pay bills Yeah I know..Keep working those odd jobs or work a full year in sales so you can take time off and create your stuff...


Or maybe get support from the government..Let us know how you do it and what you use...


I use alot of gear and instruments, which I would like to talk about...;)

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Guest howyousawtheworld
i make music i find that coldplay influence me to make music that is 100000000 times better than them lol


We all have dreams that never come true mate.

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