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Every Beer Can Is a Brewery

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I'm serious. We're kicking Chris out of the band. We can keep Will because he'd stare down Chris if he resists, and we can keep Guy so that we still have some sex appeal. I'm sure Jonny could have a use, I just haven't figured it out yet.
I'm half-tempted to sig this
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Dearest Michael and Violet,


I may not have said this often enough... But I love you guys. :heart:




You guys make CP'ing a better place.


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There should be a Coldplayer meet-up in the U.S., kind of like the one in London last year :|

Lollapalooza is basically the closest thing, although as of this morning, Coldplay is suddenly out of the picture for me. Lame. Otherwise I would have impersonated Roadie #43 on barrier for you guys.


Maybe a big string of gigs will pop up during next year's tour and people from around the country can meet up for a series of those. :)

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HAHAHAHA this is brilliant!

Violet you did a fantastic job! You two should totally take over for LP5 :awesome:


Thanks, Grace! :D


Really, guys, thank you so much for all the compliments. It means a lot. I've never done anything like this before. Admittedly, this is the first time I've ever sung for people, so I was really scared. I'm surprised I even did it. I owe Lore, Carrie, and Tracie for pushing me to do it. They helped me step out of my comfort zone, and I think I feel a lot more confident about doing stuff like this in the future.


You guys have been so supportive. Just...wow. It's amazing. Thank you.

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^One of the things I always loved about this place was that encouraging vibe. Your 'stalling' was adorable,lol. It's a Coldplaying Classic! :)


Haha, was it? I thought it was awkward. :lol: It's like I didn't know what to say or when to start.


aww Violet :nice:


now I kind of want to listen another bad coldplay song so someone will write a parody for you to sing :blush:


You're too sweet. :hug:

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Atenntion, Coldplaying. Do you think this parody is genius? Do you want to hear what it would sound like in an actual song?


In that case, click here to listen to a recording of me, Violet, making a fool of myself as I sing this song. Yes, this is really happening. No, I don't know why I did it. Just go with it.


OMG. THIS IS AWESOME! :awesome: :laugh3::laugh3: Love this. :wacky:

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But the point is that you DID start...you just needed to work up the nerve,lol. :D


Trust me, it took me a while before I'd even press the record button. :tongue:


Aw, Violet! I really like your singing. :thumbsup:


Hilarious lyrics, Michael. :lol:


OMG. THIS IS AWESOME! :awesome: :laugh3::laugh3: Love this. :wacky:


Thank you both. :wacky:

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