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Every Beer Can Is a Brewery

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I pull their website up

I got my headphones on

Been waiting for this night

Until new song comes on

Maybe Viva’s alright

And X&Y’s the bomb

Remember Strawberry Swing?

Was an awesome song


And all the fans they rant

Since the title bites

Until Friday morning

Hear the song first time

I load the streaming up

I’m waiting all this time

New Coldplay is in sight


I turn the speakers up

I got excitement on

From BBC, their streaming

Plays this cheesy song

Don’t wanna hear

Another second of this flop

I’m gonna make some drama

And spoof this slop


Maybe I’m negative

Maybe I’m hard to please

Maybe I don’t like crap

Sounding like dancy cheeses

But my ears are raging

Like my bleeding heart

Coldplaying, I impart


As we heard, oh, this noise

Sampled too, sounds like Gaga, it’s true

Don’t be on LP5

As we write rants

Every comment is a drunken groan

And every beer’s a brewery

Is a brewery

Oh, is a brewery

Oh oh oh, is a brewery

Every beer

Is a brewery, oh oh oh


So you can’t hate, hate this band

But still this song’s a drag


It was a brew brew brew brew brewery

A brew brew brew brew brewery


Every beer

Every beer

Every beer can is a brewery


Every beer

Every beer

Every beer can is a brewery



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I just read and heard the "Parachutes (2.0)" parody song of "Paradise", which brought me to this parody. I liked the "Paradise" one, so I have to read and listen to the one of "ETIAW". And it's awesome too :lol: Corkus and Violetsparks :thumbsup: There are great talented people on Coldplaying!


And like I responded to SueDeNimes's comments on the "Paradise" parody thread, you should totally do a video response to the actual song on YouTube!

And a entire parody album made by the Coldplayers would be awesome!

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