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HELP! I don't know what to get my dad for Father's Day!


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Ahhh what a sweet problem to have to face. :nice:


I used to help my best friend finding a gift for her dad. I remember she got him a nice leather belt once. Other than that I think a book is always a good idea. Or perhaps a subscribtion to a magasine he'd like.

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Father's day wasn't celebrated when I still lived at home and I don't really get on with my dad so I'm not gonna get him anything.



I think going for a meal sounds like a nice idea. Or maybe you could get him tickets for a concert or a sports event.

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Yeah okay so I thought the best idea would be to get him (well, both him and my mom) tickets to the Earth Wind and Fire concert on Wednesday. But, I didn't want to buy the tickets before visiting him, and then find out that they wouldn't be able to go. So basically when I went to see him, I told him what I wanted to do. Both of them were really excited, but then they realized that even though they really wanted to go, they wouldn't be able to because apparently my sister and her kids are going to be in town and spending a few days with them (nice, I didn't even know about that :tongue: ). But, he said there is a restaurant that he would like to go to, so I'll do that the next time I visit.


Oh well, at least he knows I care.



But I do appreciate all the advice that you guys gave me! :nice:

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