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ETIAW Video out now!!

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Crap. My iPad isn't letting me view through the link. Is there a keyword search I can use?


Hmm, I tried searching "coldplay every teardrop is a waterfall video" on YouTube, and the video didn't really pop up in the results. :\


If it helps, you can find the video on Coldplay's VEVO channel (the same channel where they posted the Christmas Lights video). I don't know how iPads work, though, so I'm not sure if that will work.

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^I have the same woes on my iPad. I don't think VEVO supports it, which is really retarded. Just wait till you get to your computer. It's not really that exciting though, haha.


(I've never been able to view VEVO videos in YouTube)


Try downloading the VEVO app. I have it, it's free and you can view all the videos :)


EDIT Here's a link for the app. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vevo-hd/id407623377?mt=8

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It's probably because it's really new. But in the future you can watch music videos on the Vevo app because they block them on YouTube in iPods, iPads, iPhones so you'll use their damn app. :rolleyes:

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also I'm impressed this thread is so quiet. I downloaded the video just in case someone uploaded it early and they'll delete it :P


The video is pretty cool, I like it. It's so pink and girly :blush:.

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