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Favorite album opener/closer?


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Guest howyousawtheworld

It's a real tough one. No band quite does album openers and closers like Coldplay. If I was going on live terms it'd be HLH by a country mile. But I'm not so keen on the record version so I'll have to go for Square One and Amsterdam. Amsterdam is quite an easy choice for me. It shouldn't be because Up With The Birds Death and All His Friends and Everything's Not Lost are all truly outstanding in themselves (not so keen on Twisted Logic) but Amsterdam is just one of those songs that only come along once in a while.

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Opener : Politik and Mylo Xyloto

Closer : Amsterdam


Coldplay have always had the best Intro's at gigs as they always use the first song on albums, its why i loved the MX tour so much, such an epic intro!!

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