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Favorite album opener/closer?


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Opener: It's a hard choice, but the climax of Politik barely edges out the riff of Square One.


Closer: Comes down to either Everything's Not Lost or Twisted Logic, but since Twisted Logic got no love live, I'll choose it. It's truly one of their hidden gems.

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I feel Rush of Blood has just a solid opener and closer.

Politik: The sort of bombasting violence they put into the first seconds, announces such another tone than Parachutes. Ending is greater than great, chord progression is so beautiful and the 'love over this' line is even more powerful than any line in Fix You. 

Amsterdam: Lovely, very lovely, soothing track with some touching and right-placed lyrics, proportioned emotional vocals and as almost every closer have, a superior finale.

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▪Opener: Politik

▪Closer: Hypnotised or Colortura

I find it difficult to choose a closer because I appreciate both songs for different reasons. Hypnotised is wonderful because it ends lyrically on a strong upbeat presence, "It was dark... now its sunrise", just makes me smile.

I admire Colortura because it reminds me of a throwback, classic song from the 60s. Cannot get enough from that track.



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