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Your Underrated Coldplay Songs


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Ok, so from every album (for me at least) there is an underrated song. The song I love to hear, always. It just strikes a chord for me. What are yours? It doesn't have to be off an EP or a b side or anything.. as long as it was released with some form of connection to the album. just what you consider to be the most underrated song from each album!


For me,


Parachutes- Spies

I just love the refrain for the song. It is haunting!

A Rush of Blood to the Head- Crests of Waves

I dont know what it is, but I always love to hear it.

X&Y- Till Kingdom Come

Viva La Vida- The Goldrush

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Low is one of my favorite Coldplay songs overall. Same with Chinese Sleep Chant.


Ah yes those are awesome too! Now that I think about it, I haven't listened to low in a long time, and when I first bought X&Y I listened to it all the time :) along with white shadows (another underrated song)

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