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Which song are you most excited for? CHOOSE 1


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I would say that I am not anticipating any song more than any other. That might have been different if the summer tour hadn't happened. Right now I'd say I just want the album in its full form. Snippets aren't doing it for me anymore.


And something tells me no one song is going to standout on this album, which is not a bad thing.

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Don't Let it Break Your Heart


I already know how the songs we know sound, so that limited the choices. I'll be shocked if Charlie Brown isn't my favorite as it is probably in my top 3 Coldplay songs, but I know it, I can sing along lyric for lyric. I'm excited for the last of the new material.

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Us Against the World. That song is absolutely stunning lyrically, musically, and vocally. Frankly it's allmost too good to be real. I'm also very interested to hear how the church organs contribute to the song. At first I was really worried at first but now I'm betting it will make it even more fantastic, if that's even possible. :)

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