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Am I the only person totally in love with DLIBYH?

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I adore it, seriously can't stop listening to it.


AHT>DLIBYH>UWTB is just GLORIOUS! :dazzled:


I think the run of the whole second half of the album is perfect.


UIF morphing into AHT and DLIBYH is my favourite part of the album. It's beautiful.

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I adore it, seriously can't stop listening to it.


AHT>DLIBYH>UWTB is just GLORIOUS! :dazzled:





That hopeful hype, the calm happyness and the serene closing, those catched me up so much!


I cant stop listening to these 3 songs that just FLOWS naturally.

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I absolutely love this. I really really really like it. As I expected :D It's definitely up with the best songs on the album. In fact, scrap that, it is the best song. If this isn't a single, there is no justice! How can Paradise be a single and not this?!!


It's just so so good!




I knew it would be a favourite since I saw Chris tweeting that Jonny was in a new level of awesomness in this song. And he def is.

I mean what is that riff? Its wonderfull! So simple yet so powerfull. So much love :love:

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It's an amazing. The way UIF merges into AHT, which acts as an intro for DLIBYH, which then slips gracefully into UWTB. It's an amazing album. This song and Us Against the World are definately my favourites off this new album (which is a hard decision after you give all the songs a proper listen a few times). After having it for 3 days, Ive realised just what a fantastic and clever album it is.

DLIBYH is definately one of the best songs Coldplay has written. The guitar, synthersizers and the piano working together to form that catchy rhythm is magical. The drumming and bass is perfect too!

Their lyrics are amazing too:

"I fell into the trap,"

"when you're tired of waiting, so you just find you never had to stop. Come on baby, don't let it break your heart!"

"Through my veins is flowing, from my shipwreck I heard a call,"

"And she said: when you're tired of aiming your arrows, still you never hit the mark, even if your aims are shadows, still we never fall apart!"


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Does anyone else think it sounds like it could be off of A Hundred Million Suns by Snow Patrol? (In a good way!! Not hating, I absolutely LOVE the song!!)


Well, I can't stand Snow Patrol. They are fucking awful in my opinion.


And I adore this song.


So no, I don't agree. I think it sounds like X&Y era Coldplay with their shit together.

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The absolute best track on Mylo Xyloto in my opinion. Then again, I think most of the tracks are exceptional which puts it in a league of its own. Heck, to paraphrase Sam Jackson, it's not even in the same sport as everything else. The boys nailed it here.

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