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Am I the only person totally in love with DLIBYH?

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This is my most conflicted song on the album. As someone who is very disappointed with the album as a whole aside from 3 tracks (CB, UATW, UWTB) and has tried my hardest to give everything multiple chances, this is the only song aside from those 3 that I haven't totally cast aside because I still can't tell if I like it or not. DLIBYH - crappy title aside - doesn't commit the sins that a ton of the other pop tracks on the album do. Because of that, parts of it are damn catchy. But it feels too noisy and unfocused. Almost unfinished, even. I feel like some additional development and maybe incorporating "A Hopeful Transmission" into the beginning more could have made this a much more appealing song that would have been better suited as a single release than what's already been chosen.


That said, if any song actually does grow on me in the coming months (in spite of everyone telling me "the whole album grows on you!"), I can guarantee it will be this one.

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Chris said in an interview that Brian Eno thought they left this song too full, and Chris agreed. So hopefully, the live version will be a little less confusing.


I think this song is growing on me, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. The heartbeat is awesome though.

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