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A slight problem I have with the Album Version


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It's not that big of a deal, but when I first heard the live version of this song (played at Rock am Ring Fest), I absolutely loved the part where I think this song really lifted off."And if we could floooooat away". Problem is in the album version, not only does Will not harmonize during the "float" like in the live version, but Chris's singing of the "float" part also sounds a bit different, in which the live singing of this specific part sounds better. I still love this version as a whole, but that's just a slight annoyance. Anyone else notice this?

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Yes yes yes yes!


This is so disappointing, really! I was so suprised of the organ an the arrangment of the song...I was totally blown away before this part of the song but I was looking forward to hear Wills and Chris' voice together in this part...but no...no sweet duet. If they had made Wills voice more prominent this song would be totally perfect. So its only perfect. The only thing I have to critizise, the rest of the production is surprisingly beautiful!


(Same problem with the "Light a fire, light a spark, light a fire a flame in my heart"-part in Charlie Brown!).

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Yes album version is different


Yes me too re the album version!


I simply loved the live version with the harmonising going on between Will & Chris.


Yet on the album mix Will's voice is barely audible.


Shame. Still Coldplay have often done more exquisite live versions of their album work, which is often the point of live music isn't it?


Chris' solo performance of Yellow with Davide Rossi on the violin @ Mountain View, CA is simply the most beautiful thing I ever heard..

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I think they like to save will's voice as a special treat for live versions. I'd love to have a version of death will never conquer with will singing, but alas, no such version exists.


Well the 'Stripped' version is the closest thing to a studio version. That's the one I keep on my iPod! :awesome:

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