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I voted for Parachutes because I think I've listened to the whole album just once.

Chris voice on that album sometimes annoies me and there isn't a lot of variety. I love Don't Panic, Spies and Yellow but I really can't stand Sparks

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In my opinion, X&Y is the worst, simply because it's the only album I couldn't listen to all the way through without getting tired. I actually zoned out a little bit, and I'd never done that on a Coldplay album before. I'm not saying that it's terrible. In fact, it's great! Fix You still touches me, Swallowed in the Sea gives me chills, A Message is wonderful, and Twisted Logic is pretty epic! Till Kingdom come is fantastic! Even when Coldplay is at their worst, they're still pretty amazing! But this album just didn't do it for me as a whole...


PS: Viva is my favourite! :D

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I really would like to know how the **** it's possible to have 87 votes for Parachutes in an old great forum like this..oh jesus, I don't want to believe it..


anyway, in latin, "de gustibus"! :)


Ho votato Parachutes perchè lo trovo un po' monotono e non mi piace tanto la produzione :) :P

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Ho votato Parachutes perchè lo trovo un po' monotono e non mi piace tanto la produzione :) :P


Wow, I understand Italian. :awesome:

I adore the production on Parachutes, the guitar is so warm, it's like liquid gold.

5-6 songs are perfect, but the rest is just too whiney. :\


Again, if you want to compare X&Y to other albums, cut 2 or 3 of the worst songs from it and then say something.

I wouldn't mind people hatin' on it if the votes were a little bit more equally distributed, but I feel people chose Y&Y just because it's too long. :thinking:

X&Y is and always shall be the epicest Coldplay album. And the first 5 tracks off AROBTTH are the best things they have ever done.

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Right now... I think I would have to say Mylo Xyloto. I like a bunch of the songs but I don't like how some of them are produced, plus a couple of them are just weak tracks in my opinion. And I think the decision to cut Moving To Mars from the album is one of the biggest mistakes the band ever made.


I used to think Ghost Stories was the worst, for the same reasons (except that time Ghost Story was the amazing song left off the album). But a lot of the songs have grown on me.

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AHFOD is STILL the reason I don't care for new COLDPLAY.


The songs have good instrumentation but TOO over-layered and too clean. When I even prefer the new BMTH album to it, you know you have a shite pile on your hands. And the lyrics, except AHFOD and *brace yourselves* Army Of One (you knew I disliked it, but it's not the worst on the album anymore!) the others are just too cliche for my liking Coldplay. Seriously, if Chris and co don't go back to their roots next time, I'll give them up.


But that's not to say that the early days weren't great. No. The early days were glorious, just like how Weezer's were. Luckily we got gem after gem, as Weezer only did that twice with Blue and Pinkerton. And I even adored the Newplay albums Mylo and GS. They weren't over produced, only one collab really and all related a lot more to me than this mainstream garbage they're trying to fit in with nowadays. I hate long rants like these, but this year would be a lot better if Newplay could just track back to 2005. To X&Y. To 2002. To my favourite album of all time (along with OK Computer by my other favourite band, Radiohead), A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Even to 2000. To the mellow Parachutes and on to 2009 for Viva.


I hate seeing one of my favourite bands in the same catorgries as abominations like Beyoncé, Zara Larsson, Drake, One Direction and JB.


My answer is that AHFOD is by FAR their worst, and hopefully the worst we'll ever get from them.


Please come home Coldplay. Lights will guide you home.

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