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Viva. I really dislike Viva. It has some great songs, I'll admit (Violet Hill, COL, and DAAHF are classics), but it also has songs like Yes and 42, which goes down as my least favourite song not just of Coldplay's, but on my entire iPod.


Additionally, I find the album a little...disjointed, I suppose.

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I voted for VLVODAAHF because it's a great album but it doesn't have any songs that i consistently 'crave', so to speak...


Parachutes has Yellow which is my absolute favourite of all time and Sparks and Shiver and Don't Panic, songs that i regurarly go back to


AROBTTH is a terrific album all around, not three days go by without me listening to Daylight, Warning Sign or GPASUYF


X&Y, with all it's flaws, still has some great songs like Square One, Low or The Hardest Part


VLVODAAHF has some great tunes but i just don't feel drawn to it as i do with the other albums, i listen to Life In Technicolor and Strawberry Swing regurarly, though


MX is shaping up to be my favourite Coldplay album now that the dust has settled and the rush of excitement has somewhat subsided, it's great as an album (it's so good that it even makes Paradise work) and it has some of their best songs yet, HLH and Charlie Brown are shaping up to be Coldplay classics and other songs like UATW and DLIBYH are shaping up to be underrated gems in the vein of Daylight, See You Soon or Warning Sign


Sorry for the long post :)

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On the worst album poll the album ranks go in this order:


2. Viva La Vida

3. Parachutes

4. Mylo Xyloto

5. X&Y


But on the BEST album poll it's in this order:


2. Viva La Vida

3. Mylo Xyloto

4. X&Y

5. Parachutes


X&Y is there weakest album because the same atmospheric sound is throughout the whole album and it makes it sound less creative with their instruments if that makes sense also its pretty long, but it still has some pretty good songs.

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I refuse to pick. There simply can't be a worst album. They all have their moments. And they're all different in sound. Parachutes was more acoustic, AROBTTH had a lot more piano in it, X&Y was kind of spacey, Viva had more strings and was a bit darker than the others, and MX was synthy and colorful.

Too different to pick.

Which makes me wonder, what're they going to do next? :thinking:

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X&Y is Coldplay's worst album.


It's thematically messy, it's sonically messy and it's the most try hard the band has ever been. They really went for that U2 epic alt-rock band title and failed horribly. I've heard the band went through a tough time then too, and I think it shows.


It's no coincidence they completely reinvented themselves after X&Y. And thank God they did.


X&Y is not only a bad Coldplay album, I think it is a bad album full stop.


Fix You is a masterpiece though. So props for that.


How can the BEST SELLING ALBUM of 2005 in the WORLD be a horrible fail?!

I'm not saying that album sales are the only criteria, but they definitely say that it wasn't a fail.


I gotta say I didn't like it that much when I played it the first couple of times, all the songs sounded the same to me.

But eventually they grew on me and I play the album from start to finish when I'm in that mood.

I'm surprised that so many people voted for it.


It is their longest album, so if you want to compare it to other albums fairly, cut 2-3 of the worst songs from it and then think about it. ;)


The band dislikes Parachutes (Chris Martin said that Coldplay didn't like the album. He also commented that they look beyond Parachutes: "We know that's terrible music and we always try to think about what we can do next."), so I voted for it. I love one half and almost never listen to the other half of it.


One thing is fo sho - it's not AROBTTH.

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Coldplay doing heavy metal would be the worst thing in the world, i can see them doing a R&B album or go back to there roots


Of course when I think of heavy metal I just think of heavier guitars, and more aggresive vocals which would be hilarious with chris martin but hate that screamo shit. I just think it would be great if johnny shredded the guitar like he never has before.

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