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I really don't think 100% objective opinions about Mylo Xyloto will surface until the era is over, or at least until the initial excitement is over. I am not saying people who think this is their best album are wrong or that people who think this is bad are right, by no means would I suggest that, it's all a matter of personal taste and, luckily, we all have different tastes and opinions, but I just find it hard to believe this can be considered their best album to date.

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Like many of you said, I neither think that there is a worst coldplay album. I can vote which one is their best or my favourite, but I can't vote any of their albums as a bad album because I love all their music. Maybe it's just that I like some songs more than others and in different ways, but I love it all.

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Except for Yellow, Don't Panic and Spies (that's almost half the album but whatever) I get the least mileage out of Parachutes. I am not a diehard Parachutes supporter like some others--some of the songs are too short, too mellow, too quiet. I just don't get as much mileage as I do out of the other albums. X&Y may be their big try at stadium songs, and for that some may dislike it, but there are too many songs I love on it to say it's their worst.

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