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What's your favorite song on Mylo Xyloto?


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Us Against The World. It's so raw and heartfelt. The lyrics are amazing... I think they do the best job of conveying what Mylo Xyloto is all about: a love story in the midst of a revolution against an oppressive status quo. And the "silver bird" verse that Chris started singing toward the end of the song in 2015 just makes it even more beautiful.

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Good choice! But mine is definitely Paradise. Every Teardrop is a strong competitor though. 

Paradise's just an amazing song and I love Jonny's guitar in this song in particular. Will's drum too! And I love the ''Para-para... paradise duet'' between Will and Chris. Actually everything in this song is great in my opinion. It makes me feel happy and it's a catchy song as well :smiley:

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Us Against the World is my favourite.
It got me into Coldplay.
I was watching an episode of Carpool Karaoke and 
really liked the song and thought 
Who TF is this guy?
This is how I got to know the band.

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