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What's your favorite song on Mylo Xyloto?

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Charlie Brown, Paradise

Us Against The World. It's so raw and heartfelt. The lyrics are amazing... I think they do the best job of conveying what Mylo Xyloto is all about: a love story in the midst of a revolution against an

Major Minus, because I think it stands out on this album.

Charlie Brown (Makes me too happy for words, hearing this live)

Closely followed by DLIBYH. :heart:


me too, in the same predicament, nice predicament. :heart: then followed by Paradise and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, not sick of any of these. :)

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You mean me ? :thinking: No I've always liked UATW.

PoC would maybe be my least favourite. Idk :confused:


Haha, I meant the entire thread. I was reading, and thinking, "Jeez. Do people really hate UATW *that* much?"

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