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One good thing, One bad thing about the album


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I thought, if people still felt to express their views on the album that we could do it this way. When you post, post one thing that you like about the album, and one thing you don't like about the album. I thought this could be a fair way to do this. Also, explain yourself, don't just put UWTB is amazing, or Paradise is shit.


Bad thing: Vocals.

Some places its great, some places they seem incomplete. The vocals for Charlie Brown seem to have something off about them. Also, in HLH, the way Chris says, "It's true, when you" towards the end of the song, it doesn't seem right.


Good things: the Little things.

Jonny's guitar riff right after Chris says "from my shipwreck I heard a call" on DLIBYH.

The hint of "The Dubliners" at the second part of UWTB.

The backing vocals on Charlie Brown, right before the "so we soar" (or whatever he says) part.

The piano you can barely hear in HLH (during the song, not the outro).


So, what are your good and bad things about the album?

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No, you can't express anything negative in this forum or your real feelings towards it if people don't agree with you, you'll get this:


I don't care people that doesn't like the album (lie, I care, but I won't try to change their mind anymore) but I can't deal with someone trying to make the OTHERS doesn't like it too.

What's your problem? Go listen to




Radiohead, if people LIKE the album there's no problem with this. The problem is on you.


This topic should be deleted, and you should be banned.

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Good: The varying limits Coldplay pushed themselves out of.


Bad: Chris' voice seems behind everything else in Don't Let It Break Your Heart and I hate that. It's by far my favorite song.


^ Yeah seriously how out of place was that?


Very. I thought the beat at Austin City Limits was fine.


EDIT: I am changing my 'Bad'.

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No, you can't express anything negative in this forum or your real feelings towards it if people don't agree with you, you'll get this:


You have a problem with me? Treat THAT with ME. Send me a PM and I send you my email there you can say all the shit you want to me but I assure you that you'll read some too.


In the case that you didn't notice because you were very busy trying to find something to attack me, the guy on that thread called ALL THE FANS DUMBS WITHOUT ANY REASON. Did you even noticed that? You are included.

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Good things: Almost everything, here i go...


The cohesive-ness (i don't know if that's an actual word) of the album


The way they balanced things between rockers, acoustic stuff and pop-y, sinth-y songs like Princess of China


The fact that i keep finding out little details about the whole story in the songs, things that i had previously heard and now have a new meaning (for example, the 'all the kids, they dance' bit in ETIAW that i now know refers to the Car Kids gang)


Speaking of ETIAW, i liked it when it was first released but, to be honest, i was a little underwhelmed by it but now that i've heard it along with M.M.I.X i like it a lot more and i actually think it's one of the best and most important songs on the album


Charlie Brown Hurts Like Heaven and Us Against The World, enough said


Up With The Birds as the album closer, i actually think it matches the likes of Amsterdam and Everything's Not Lost/Life Is For Living as the best album closers


A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart, pure Coldplay genius


Bad things: That they left out Moving To Mars, i know it didn't fit in with the whole urban thing but i still like it A LOT, a little too much enoxification for my taste but i'm fairly certain that they'll grow this phase out and get rid of Eno eventually.

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Only one good thing? Sorry cannot do.



Its length - it's concise, cohesive and flows perfectly

Sonic texture - the way a variety of sounds blend, using instruments, effects, vocals, etc.

Upbeat - the songs make me happy




Wish Will's vocals were stronger in UATW

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Good- (I have few)- UATW & UFO are just amazing. Why? Chris sounds great in them, and I love the accoustic feel of both of them. Simply stunning songs.


Bad-(I have a few here too)Will's vocals need to be heard more in UATW. And I dont care for the drum beat in UIF.

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I'm not trying to upset anybody, and people's opinions are personal- this is just something that is irking me.


When people say 'MTM isn't on the album', constructively questioning... why do you care since the song was released anyway? like, people moaning about songs that we heard about that didn't get put on mx or haven't been released yet i can kind of get since that would be fresh music to hear but I honestly don't get why MTM not being on the actual album bothers people when it's out there.


It's a great song, but if they'd put it on the album we wouldn't have got one of the other songs on there and we'd still be a song short (I know, I know 'unless they released THAT song on the ep) but yeah... Just wondering why there are loads of people out there making that a con.

(again not being mean to any individuals out there, don't quote me and call me a jerk. I have issues :P)

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