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Charlie Brown Music Videos (Live & Studio - both videos in first post)


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I gave 6


This video is about:

1) parkour - quite original: :thumbsup:

2) parteyyy - almost in every pop video: :thumbsdown:

3) kissing - almost in every pop video: :thumbsdown:


But it's better than some other videos, and it's quite original for a Coldplay video, so yeah, 6.

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Meh. 7. Kinda like the first CB vid better. I feel like they could have done more with the band and the rave and less with the two lovebirds. I mean, it's cool how it kinda fits into the whole story of MX, and I think I would've liked this particular video more if the Paradise, ETAIW, etc. videos followed the same structure of portraying the MX narrative, but...meh. Some cool stuff in this video to be sure; I just feel like they could have done more with it.


EDIT This pretty much sums up my reaction: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tojt8QhKrrk]DISAPPOINTED - YouTube[/ame]

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My honest opinion: This could have been better.

I'm starting to think that maybe hiring Mat Whitecross to do two consecutive music videos wasn't such a good idea. Music Video Directors need their time, because Mat has clearly pulled off a Hype Williams here. I can also imagine ALOT of footage was cut aswell.

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Best song on the album ruined by a very substandard video.


God it was so awkward to watch.


I liked the parkour (not that I really see any relevance unless it's all about freedom ect, which is a tedious link to make) and I liked that the Xylobands were shown in all their glory.


But the 'storyline' was dull. I didn't much like that they went to a 'club' or Coldplay were performing at an underground rave. Because it's used in pretty much every pop video and Chris Martin would be that cringey bloke on the dancefloor that everyone would be avoiding.


Not sitting through that again.


It could've been so good.

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I really wanted to like this video but it's something i'd never expect them to do... like someone else said... kissing in the club? lol. I love the glow bands and the colors though... and Charlie Brown is one of their best songs ever.

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