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[22-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ AWD Arena, Hannover, Germany


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It will be a sunny afternoon and evening. Yeah!


Maybe, I will see some of you. Enjoy the concert, Hannover, the stadium and everything around. Excited to read your reviews afterwards.


Is there anybody out there?

Now, make some proper fuckin' German noise!!!

Now let me see your hands in the whole place!

Hüpfen, bitte hüpfen!

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Hey guys :-)


I was at the concert in Munich which was just awesome!

Now I hope that you can help me!


I wanted to buy the Coldplay Hoody but unfortunately I did not have enough money :-/ Is there a possibility that someone of you buys me the hoodie to day and I transfer you the money in advance ?


Thanks for your help !!!

Best regards,



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Hi All,

I can't believe it's the last European show tonight and I'm not going to be there :-(


....does anyone know if here is a live feed for the Hannover show?



I have only heard of a blog (published by A aka. the Anchorman) so I do not think that there will a live Blog.

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