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[22-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ AWD Arena, Hannover, Germany


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Hi! Braucht noch jemand ein Ticket? Ich hätte eins im Block W16 (oben im "Gepäcknetz"). Vielleicht hab ich auch noch ein weiteres in dem Block. Entscheidet sich aber noch... Wir wollten zu dritt kommen, eine Freundin kommt definitiv nicht, eine weiß noch nicht genau. Ich komm auf jeden Fall.


Ich wünsch euch vor der Bühne viel Spaß und hoffe (nein, ich bin sicher), ihr sorgt für Stimmung ;)

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The concert is approaching, I'm excited and sad in the meantime. I am really glad to be able to come but I am sad that it will be my last time seeing them.. I know all good things must come to an end but you know, I would have love this year to never stop :D


Anyway, do you guys have planned something special ? As it will be my last Coldplay concert and as I am especially coming from France I think I will make a flag or something. Is a meeting organized ?

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why? what happened? why can't you go?


i have some problems with visa, try to fix it in two days.

If I fly to Germany next week, I will go that concert!

but yeah there is a big problem: I dont have ticket :lol: I'll also try to catch some tickets on eBay...:sick:

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Any place to buy tickets offline?


Hey guys, we're a bunch of Indian people on an exchange program in various parts of Europe. We absolutely love Coldplay and are desperate to buy tickets for the concert in Hannover and go to Paradise!!


Our local bank accounts are not yet activated since we just came. Is there anyway we can buy 10 tickets offline? I'm willing to go Hannover for a day just to but the tickets any day. But I don't want to get stiffed!


Help me if you guys have a solution!




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I am so excited, but also sad already. I don't want this whole MX era to end, but I guess it will be my last time seeing the guys for a longer time. Noooooooo! (I had a very brief moment thinking about going to Australia today. It was very brief. But it was there. :D)


Is there anything planned for this last concert of the European leg? Any special messages we want to convey on the panorama? Anything else? Not that I'm very creative myself...

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