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What made you LOL today?

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I left a silent but deadly in an empty aisle at the grocery store today. Moving along with my shopping to the next aisle, I hear a couple who just turned into the aisle exclaiming "Oh my god!", then s

This happened to me again today. I bought cider and was asked to show my ID card when I was paying for it. My friend, who was shopping with me, saw it and had a laugh about that. Later I asked her, "W

inb4 "oh sorry haha, it will be nice when you're older" last summer on holiday in France we were at a restaurant. I ordered an alcoholic drink and the waiter looked at me surprised and said "ther

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Ke$ha is really smart. She just puts on a satirical act. Which, if you ask me, is brilliant.




My hate for her vanished when I read tons of articles online about her satire in her music and her overall intelligence.

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Chris' interview on Howard Stern show :D

I love when they talk about instruments they play and what to say to their children, and Chris, kidding: "You'll never play the fuckin trombone" :laugh3:

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You're right we definitely should ! :awesome:

(I'm such a fan whenever someone says a short sentence starting "we should" it always remind me of "we should buy a bar!" or "we should start a band!" from the Three days of snow episode :lol: )

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It's so disappointing now. I can't look at anything without having seen it before. Except the things that I see for the first time. On Reddit. :|


I know, right? Everything seems old now. :wacky:


Fuuuu! I didn't knew that.. I should be on Reddit, since it seems like that everything is from there. :lol:


Haha! You should visit. It's a really great community.

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