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What made you LOL today?

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I left a silent but deadly in an empty aisle at the grocery store today. Moving along with my shopping to the next aisle, I hear a couple who just turned into the aisle exclaiming "Oh my god!", then s

This happened to me again today. I bought cider and was asked to show my ID card when I was paying for it. My friend, who was shopping with me, saw it and had a laugh about that. Later I asked her, "W

inb4 "oh sorry haha, it will be nice when you're older" last summer on holiday in France we were at a restaurant. I ordered an alcoholic drink and the waiter looked at me surprised and said "ther

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I came up with a great idea and made a youtube video. It's hilarious and only 27 seconds.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-4Y7uYNhgM&list=UUFcGwOsO4xwv81NHllWANnw&feature=plcp]Do Not Mix Rocky and Tornado Chasing - YouTube[/ame]

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edit: Oh, I just realized it's been a month today since I joined Coldplaying.

30 days of Coldplay addiction, Coldplay-related-or-not laugh, emotion, 30 days obsession for Chris, for Coldplay interviews&live appearances and for the announcements of the dates of their tour :lol: . Pure madness&happiness :awesome:

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Just saw this on VH1. :|


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CtRneKv3F0]Rupaul-Supermodel (of the World)-music video - YouTube[/ame]


Yes. It is a man.


I know Coeurli will appreciate the fashion. :nod:

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