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Whos stalker is worse?


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I would say Brents on paper because that cray girl has done much crazier shit, but I think Brent has shown a lot less attention to her which had resulted in some outbursts. Emily's on the other hand was in reasonable contact with her as a friend and oddly I think this has resulted in his creepy behaviour being slightly less desperate and creepy, so I do think he's slightly worse but managed to control himself in the hope that because he still knows her that he can be a bit more patient in his pursuit.

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In time she will find someone else to stalk, best to just stop all communications with her, and let it sink in for a while. Perhaps she's not really psycho, just obsessive and...:thinking: come to think of it, like a fan girl? Brent, you're famous; you've got a fangirl after you!:lol: Run for the hills!

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That is a HORRIBLE idea.


It's Timewarp, of course it's a horrible idea.


I really think Emily's is creepier. Just because he seems more calculating and such and is a constant presence, whereas Brent's is just 'LOL OUTBURSTS OF WACKO'.


I don't mean to invalidate both of your feelings of discomfort etc by posting this bc it feels like I am :bigcry:

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