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[2-Mar-2012] Coldplay @ Good Morning America, New York, NY, USA


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Ha, you nearly startled me too with the cartwheel thing, The_Scientist!


Appreciate the thanks, all, but yeah, unfortunately the recording will just remain on my tape :(. I've no doubt there will be video clips up for everyone who's unable to see this right now at some point, though!

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I know, and on the same channel to boot! How appropriate :).


Haha, they just showed an ad on TV asking, "How do you spell 'paradise'? C-O-L-D-P-L-A-Y." :laugh3:. I really truly wish I were in that crowd out there right now.


Ugh. Nobody cares about J-Lo's dress at the Oscars. Let's get to freaking Coldplay already.

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Well, they do both have the letter "a" in their words, and they're both eight letters long...:lol:.


Some girl just gave a birthday shoutout to Chris.


EDIT: That's okay, jokes like that are fun! It gives me a great mental image, at least :D.

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What's with all the little kids they keep showing on the front row...? lol



This isn't Justin Beiber XD


Seriously, shouldn't they be in school O.o No, but in all seriousness, it seems that either their parents are big Coldplay fans, or they have opened up to a really young demographic. OR BOTH, either way GO COLDPLAY!! :D

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I'm really loving their random song snippets they keep playing when they promote them. "Speed Of Sound" seems to be the popular background one at the moment :D.


Sigh. 15 or so minutes to go here. Agh. U.S. central time zone is kind of a pain sometimes.

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So for those who have Central Time... I know it's a silly question, but...

Do you watch every programme an hour later? :P Or it happens only in a few cases?


Usually we in the Midwest are an hour behind. West coast...I think it can vary sometimes. Especially if the event is happening ON the west coast.


parisienne-YAY. Happy to hear that (though I had no doubt).


Okay. I am going to go get ready to hit the record button. *Dashes off* Be back in a bit.

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