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[2-Mar-2012] Coldplay @ Good Morning America, New York, NY, USA


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Yeah, I'm sure somebody is bound to figure out a way to get these clips online so that those of you who missed it can see it. I hope so!


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. That was just wonderful. What a great way to start the day. :hug: :chris: :jonny: :guy: :will: Love you, Coldplay.


Okay. NOW I shall be off to get some sleep :p. Let these happy images linger in my mind.

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Chris said they'll be back tomorrow. :laugh2: Nice performance, really loved Paradise. It's early in the morning for them and they still rock, and didn't have to worry about signs. :awesome:


Thanks for the streaming link guys.

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I hope you guys didn't miss the cartwheel Chris did at the end :wink3:;):wink3:


:laugh3: Stop it!


^^ Same question.

I've been reminded how much I love Paradise live : )


Me too :wacky:


Usually we in the Midwest are an hour behind. West coast...I think it can vary sometimes. Especially if the event is happening ON the west coast.


I see... Thanks for explaining :)

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Caught the West Coast broadcast. It was a great compact performance! I thought Yellow and CB sounded flawless... loved that we could hear Jonny and Guy's backing vocals so clearly. And Will was KILLING it.

Happy birthday Chris! (surprised he referenced it so many times!)

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