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hey who else hates zooey deschanel other than dee, emily and me?


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lets start another topic!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOhyLBWIpnE]Sh*t Zooey Deschanel Says - YouTube[/ame]


idk how to put a poll now


a) i dont like her

b) i don´t like her at all

c) she sucks

d) i don´t like her

e) i hate her

f) i highly dislike it

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remember when being bad at talking was actually obnoxious and not a good trait


admittedly, she is very physically beautiful, especially without much make-up, but her personality is so, so annoying--at least what she puts on for cameras, along with the characters she plays. who knows if she's really the person she is in interviews?

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Is she your new Gwyneth? Just saying.


As for hating her, I don't really know, I've never particularly liked her, and also I think she's quite pretty but I've never understand why she's considered amazingly beautiful (Mainly by girls, its probably just because of the natural look and nice hair). I'd say I do find her quite annoying, I've only really seen her in Elf and her wooden mannerisms are irritating, I can tell from seeing the trailers for 500 Days of Summer that her dry acting in that would piss me off.


But I don't find her particularly annoying in that youtube video, it's rather cruel when insane people pick celebrities apart like that because half of celebs naturally sound a bit stupid if you mash up them going 'Um'.

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Nah, the only reason why I hated Gwyneth was for the obvious.. I guess hate is a strong word.. more like annoying.. but many people answer with "idk lol maybe" because she isn´t really that much in the spotlight.


her new show New Girl is cringe worthy though uhghghgh


or tbh I´m a very hate filled person I can hate anybody...

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New Girl looks annoying, granted.


You guys are missing out on one of the best TV comedies right now. The first couple of episodes were average as it focused on the 'adorkability' of Zooey Deschanel's character. The writers wisely stepped away from that for the subsequent episodes and it has surprisingly matured into a very funny show. Schmidt has emerged as the show's breakout character.


Because I love making lists, here's roughly the hierarchy of TV sitcoms right now:


Tier 1 (amazing): Archer, Community, Louie, Parks and Recreation

Tier 2 (good): 30 Rock, Cougar Town, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Happy Endings, New Girl

Tier 3 (average): How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, South Park

Tier 4 (below average): The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Portlandia, The Simpsons, Up All Night

Tier 5 (mediocre): American Dad, Family Guy, Glee


And shows below Tier 5 are ones you should avoid at all costs - I'm talking about 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Whitney, etc.

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Then you and I have very different taste. But I guess for each its own, if you think New Girl is funny then that doesn´t mean you have bad taste. I happen to love HIMYM, Sunny and South Park.


Do agree for whats mediocre, although American Dad isn´t as bad as Family Guy.

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Then you and I have very different taste. But I guess for each its own, if you think New Girl is funny then that doesn´t mean you have bad taste. I happen to love HIMYM, Sunny and South Park.


Don't get me wrong - I used to love HIMYM, Sunny + South Park. The list I made simply reflects the current state of TV. For example, HIMYM was undoubtedly at its peak in seasons 2 + 3. All three shows you mentioned are still good and can bring their 'A' game once in a while but they a) don't match up to their earlier seasons; and/or b) other shows have simply eclipsed it.


Believe me, I went into New Girl thinking it would be an abomination of a show, mainly because I actually despise Zooey Deschanel. My mother would probably ask me how can I hate someone I've never even met. But everything Zooey does genuinely irritates me... and it doesn't help that her acting ability is seriously limited.


But the recent episodes have actually been funny, mostly because the focus is no longer on Zooey. It was a smart writing decision to focus on the other characters, mainly Schmidt.


Is New Girl on the same level as ambitious shows like Community? No. But it has certainly evolved into a quality show and people have certainly noticed, from the Onion's A.V. Club to Paste Magazine. Salon magazine even did a profile on Schmidt as the "archetype of 20-something masculinity."


Long story short: if you haven't given the recent episodes a try, I definitely recommend it. It just might change your opinion of the show.

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If that list is based on current state of tv then its pretty damn wrong. For example, everybody loves Glee, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory and others who made it low. It seems more like its of your opinion.



Well I guess maybe I´ll give it a try. What annoyed me is exactly that the show would have a focus on quirky adorkable Zooey as a character development and throw her in random situations, which is something i actually quite like but I never really like her characters. If it now focuses on other characters then alright, but I´m not much into sitcoms with that kind of way to make me laugh or sitcoms in general.

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Guest LiquidSky

She seems to have the same hairstyle foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrr which whenever you watch a movie/show of her, it's as if she's playing the same character all over again & her dry characters doesn't help either. I haven't seen or heard any of her recordings to be honest so I won't comment on that. But from what I mentioned of her, she is boring to me. I mean even her clothing is kinda the same style. I get that that is her style and stuff.. but she's a muscian and an actress so she should switch it up a bit.

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