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Where are the B-Sides?


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Looks like MX era could be over in a matter of two months, with the end of Australian tour. Oracle assumed there would be no news about any additional dates in South America, so it can be said that we're nearing the end of that.

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Speaking of Don Quixote, do you think they will play that at the upcoming Latin America shows? Seeing as how Chris said that they wanted a special song for Latin American audiences.


Sure hope so, a studio version would mean absolute hysteria for me

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November 14, 2012 - submitted by Walter, United Kingdom


Q. Hi Oracle, I saw Chris posted a picture on twitter of 'his view inside the studio'. Why were they at a studio? Thanks.



The Oracle replies:


Well Walter, you know that thing that musicians usually go into a studio for? Well, that's why. That's not unusual by the way but that's all I will say.

The eagle-eyed amongst you who also follow Jon Hopkins will have seen his recent photo tweets about a studio too and whaddya know there he is in the background of Chris' pic.

maybe there are b-sides coming soon, according to their latest tweets about a studio record and the oracles "mysterious" reply ;)

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